Come and live surrounded by trees, endless walks, public events, sidewalk cafes, greenery, shopping, leisure and, of course, all the life that l’Hospitalet has to offer.

Last homes phase 03

M5COBALT A51274.2329.99320.000See map
M5COBALT A52387.929.87380.000See map
M6COBALT A14386.8327.14305.000See map
M6COBALT A16262.7311.79VENDIDO
M6COBALT A24286.8321.87310.000See map
M6COBALT A26262.7311.77VENDIDO
M6COBALT A36262.7311.77240.000See map
M6COBALT A514104.2737.52450.000See map
M6COBALT A53378.0529.46400.000See map
M6COBALT B12392.1115.25VENDIDO
M6COBALT B13391.3515.12290.000See map
M6COBALT B22392.1111.42305.000See map
M6COBALT B23391.3511.71305.000See map
M6COBALT B31392.1115.99VENDIDO
M6COBALT B41392.1115.99VENDIDO
M6COBALT B51496.8436.07450.000See map
M6COBALT B53499.8338.54450.000See map