Come and live surrounded by trees, endless walks, public events, sidewalk cafes, greenery, shopping, leisure and, of course, all the life that l’Hospitalet has to offer.

Last homes phase 04

M7COBALT A11288.15.17294.465See map
M7COBALT A12287.634.66293.054See map
M7COBALT A21288.15.17294.465See map
M7COBALT A22287.634.66293.055See map
M7COBALT ABJ1286.28.03292.495See map
M7PAU CASALSB11279.984.07270.091See map
M7PAU CASALSB13286.086.3288.401See map
M7PAU CASALSB14282.633.91278.046See map
M7PAU CASALSBBJ1289.238.79297.857See map
M7PAU CASALSBBJ2284.456.64283.509See map